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The Pine Lake Community Club is a Rental Facility with Spacious Options. Located on the Sammamish Pine Lake Plateau, this facility is a memorable setting for any occasion. This unique property is a premier location for Weddings, Receptions and various types of Private Parties. This Log Cabin Venue was built in 1938 and has been the site for several banquets, Receptions, Proms, Class Reunions and Birthday Parties. Our facility can comfortably seat 150 and provide a large dance floor for every type of event. We are one of the most affordable venues in the area.


In 1936, Mr. G.L. Bartells contacted many of the residents of the Pine Lake area. He thought it was time for the residents to come together as a united force to impact road improvements, water pollution control, form a fire protection district, and address planning and zoning issues that would have an effect on the community.

In November, Carl Sween, Eino Tanska, Ben Sutter and John Eastlick met with G.L. Bartells at Bartells Lodge. They agreed to call a general meeting of everyone in the district the following month. Each man was to contact residents living within their area to notify them of the meeting. The December 16, 1936 meeting with 20 people in attendance established the Pine Lake Community Club. Voted in as temporary officers of the club were: G.L. Bartells, Chairman: Mrs. Ben Sutter, Secretary: Theodore Erickson, Treasurer. John Eastlick, Charles De Salvo and Ed Sutter were appointed to write the constitution and by-laws. It was voted to make dues 10 cents per month or $1.00 a year.

According to an article from Issaquah Press June 24th 1948, "At a meeting of the Pine Lake Community Club last Friday night, a starter fund of $285 was raised by popular subscription to purchase material to begin the new clubhouse to be built on club property. The building is to be built of logs and will be 42 feet wide by 80 feet long with a stage at one end. The money was raised by selling logs at $5 per log. Ben Sutter started the bidding with a purchase of five logs and it was soon picked up by other members and in a very few minutes the $285 was raised and pledged. Those buying logs will have their name burned into the logs...The estimated cost of the Club House is $5,500 for material alone, the members and friends are donating all labor. When completed it will be used by the whole community, not only for club meetings, but any other gathering or social events too large for private homes."

A bank loan in the amount of $3,000 was acquired for the construction of the Club House. To get the loan 30 member couples signed personal notes with a liability of $200 each. Monthly payments were made to the bank by the club. The loan was completely paid off with interest by 1955.

The members of the club cleared the land in mud, rain, and sunshine. Endless work partiers were held to construct the Club House, build the fireplace and lay the maple hardwood floors. The roof was put on when the weather was cold and an inch and a half of ice covering. The women furnished hot food for the work crews and did anything they could to help with the construction.

After the Club House was completed one of the ways the club earned money was to sell advertising space. The advertising signs for businesses in Seattle and surrounding communities circled the interior upper walls of the hall.

Today the PLCC houses a day care, dance classes, yoga and driving school. It is rented out to individuals and organizations. Weddings, dances, private parties, community meetings and physical fitness classes for young and old take place in the Club House.

The Club House is a monument to the early spirit and dedication of members of the Pine Lake Community and continues to operate as a non-profit organization. It has an active Board of Directors. It now serves as a social hall and operates under the guidelines of governing By-Laws. This is a privately owned club.

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